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Our Mission

In today’s digital world the customer is at the centre of everything. The old retail model of a customer going to a store to buy an item is a relic of the past. Now all customers can purchase almost anything, and have it delivered directly to them wherever and whenever they choose. Open up Google Maps on your smartphone and you’ll see your current location indicated by a simple, pulsing blue dot. We are all Bludots on the digital landscape. For this reason, our business is called Bludot technologies.

Quick thinking solutions for a fast-moving world

The Dots!

Bludot Technologies comprises a team of like-minded technologists who seek to ‘identify the pain’ and then set about developing the remedy. In this sense we are Tech Medics!

This formidable Bludot team can provide solutions wherever and whenever called upon. We also like to develop collaborative partnerships with commercial partners and leading universities.

The Company continues to grow by recruiting the most creative and talented developers, technologists and business professionals.

We are always on the lookout for the best talent so if you are up for the challenge and would like to ‘join the dots’ please get in touch.

Our Story

Frank founded Bludot Technologies in order to develop a food ordering mobile app for their family group of convenience stores in Northern Ireland. Back then, in 2015, it quickly became clear that there was no suitable, cost-effective digital solution available. Over the period of 2015 to 2021, the food-ordering app has progressed to a full-scale digital platform, offering an end-to-end solution to the convenience and fuel forecourt sectors.

“Creating solutions for everyday problems that deliver real benefits to both the consumer and the food business is now my driving force. I have relished bringing my personal experience and insight to Bludot’s products.

I always want to identify the pain points that our customers are experiencing. Once this is found, I then set out to develop the remedy. In this sense, I suppose I am a Technology Medic.”

We provide a suite of digital solutions designed for a more streamlined retail future.

Frank Kilpatrick

Bludot Technologies’ Chief Executive Officer

A word from the founder

Frank Kilpatrick

As part of the management team at our family group of convenience stores, I recognised the need to introduce new digital channels into our business, in order to meet the needs of our younger, time-poor and highly discerning customers. This was back in 2015 and I struggled to find a solution that was suitable for our store size and operational flow.

I quickly set about developing a bespoke solution for our busy deli, offering pre-order and pre-pay for collection to ‘beat the queue,’ followed by ‘workplace delivery,’ a service targeted at local businesses, allowing them to pre-order, pre-pay and have their meals delivered collectively, at agreed times. These services became very popular.

Over the next few years, our new mobile app quickly progressed to a full-scale digital platform offering an end-to-end solution to the retail, convenience and fuel forecourt sectors.

During this period, the EU introduced new food labelling legislation - Food Information for Consumers FIC-1169, that mandated the identification of allergens in all food produced outside the home. Once again, it became obvious that there wasn’t a cost-effective solution suitable for our sector. I set about developing what is now known as Allergen Intelligence, which fulfils the requirements of FIC-1169 and the recent amendment to this legislation, known as Natasha’s Law. This mandates (from October 2021) food businesses to display accurate nutritional and allergen information on all Prepacked for Direct Sale (PPDS) food products.

Creating solutions for everyday problems that deliver real benefits to both the consumer and the food business is now my driving force. I believe technology has an important role in making the world a better and safer place.

Bludot has three core products including “Halo Retail,” our end-to-end digital platform, “Boomerang” - making food delivery more efficient and “Allergen Intelligence”. These are designed to work singularly or combined for customer convenience, enhanced customer loyalty and greater streamlining at retailers, food service outlets and forecourts.

Bludot is bigger than a dot.
Much bigger.

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